BIG game: full speed ahead

The BIG game project started almost a year ago and is right on track to develop the game. The storyboard is ready and a designer to draw the characters has been assigned. We are looking forward to sha…

2nd round of workshops
BIG aims to promote social inclusion through a virtual game

SHINE 2Europe brought together architects, designers, a hospital administrator and several civil servants from different services, to validate the scenes of a virtual game with a main focus on social …

BIG and Carina speaking
BIG presented in the Interactions Symposium, Portugal

By Carina Dantas, SHINE 2Europe Carina Dantas, from SHINE 2Europe presented BIG to over 200 people at the Interactions Symposium in Portugal, discussing the challenges of ageing in the digital world. …

First round of BIG workshops held in Germany

By Jana Eckert, ISIS On 19 February 2021, the first of two online workshops on game development took place in Germany. The workshop was conducted by the German project partner ISIS using the video con…

The kick-off online meeting 2020.DEC.03 (EN)

The BIG project’s kick-off online meeting The BIG project’s kick-off meeting took place online on the 3rd of December 2020 with the participation of all project partners.

Screenshot of the second BIG workshop in Germany
Zweiter Online-Workshop zur Spielentwicklung

Der zweite Online-Workshop wurde erfolgreich in Deutschland durchgeführt. Es wurden viele Anregungen für die Weiterentwicklung des BIG-Spiels gesammelt.

Teenagers workshop
SHINE held workshops with teenagers

In SHINE 2Europe, we just held two workshops with teenagers to better understand their needs, in the scope of the BIG Game – Building Inclusive Environments for All Generations (Erasmus+ project).