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Educational game:
Building Inclusive environments for all Generations (BIG)



Hard to access environments, namely in neighbourhoods, public spaces and the social and commercial infrastructure, are a major risk for social exclusion. Especially persons with physical, mental or social restraints are often overlooked by people who design these environments. Also, people in particular temporarily circumstances, such as pregnancy or having a child in a buggy may experience issues.

The game addresses diverse target groups, among others:

– Professionals in municipalities and welfare organisations committed to urban development and social inclusion;
– Volunteers in social associations, initiatives and Seniors Councils acting for the interests of persons in need of healthy, smart and age-friendly environments;
– Private persons like students, informal carers and persons in need of adequate environments themselves.

Smart, healthy and age-friendly built environments apt for these target groups include living spaces which are safe and comfortable, the possibility to leave, move around and return to one’s building without barriers, to access to health and social services and opportunities to actively participate in community life. The ambition of the game goes beyond accessible design only.


About the project

The project BIG educational game is a European Erasmus+ project that focuses on the social inclusion of people. The project started in November 2020 and will last until the end of December 2022.

In the project we develop a two-dimensional virtual game. The player can meet and solve challenges of characters in the game, such as inaccessible housing for a wheelchair, loading goods in a car while taking care of a child or visiting a restaurant with a bad sight.

We will also develop a workshop methodology and trainer or coach manual to use the game in joint training settings.

It will be publicly available, free of charge and as Open Educational Resource, on the project’s e-learning together with all necessary guidelines, instructions, related materials and further information.



The project involves five partner organisations in four European countries.

project Results

The results of our project are:
Educational online 2D game for individual players

A playful learning experience.
Co-produced by persons with own experiences in the lack of healthy, age-friendly environments.
Five characters with different kinds of impairments or other circumstances, such as a person with mobility problems, with dementia, pregnancy, social isolation and a person with a young child. The characters can be found in five different locations, which may be for example: apartment, supermarket with a restaurant in the same space, bus stop, playground in the park and health and social care centre.
Each character faces some challenging situations.
In order to assist the character in solving the challenges, the player has to fulfil tasks such as answering questions, playing a quiz or moving items.
The character provides feedback to the player and awards him/her accordingly.
The fun to play and the wish to solve levels to achieve an overall expert certificate will attract the player to continue and finalise the game.

Developed in English and translated into Dutch, German, Polish and Portuguese:

Workshop methodology and trainer manual

To increase the impact of the learning, the game can be played in workshops with guidance of trainers or coaches.

With instructions on
how to make use of the game.



These are our latest news:
BIG game: full speed ahead

The BIG game project started almost a year ago and is right on track to develop the game. The storyboard is ready and a designer to draw the characters has been assigned. We are looking forward to sha…

2nd round of workshops
BIG aims to promote social inclusion through a virtual game

SHINE 2Europe brought together architects, designers, a hospital administrator and several civil servants from different services, to validate the scenes of a virtual game with a main focus on social …

Screenshot of the second BIG workshop in Germany
Second online workshop on game development

The second online workshop was successfully conducted in Germany. Many suggestions for the further development of the BIG game were collected, which will contribute to increasing the quality of the BI…

BIG and Carina speaking
BIG presented in the Interactions Symposium, Portugal

Carina Dantas, from SHINE 2Europe presented BIG to over 200 people at the Interactions Symposium in Portugal, discussing the challenges of ageing in the digital world.

First round of BIG workshops held in Germany

The first round of BIG workshops was successfully conducted online and brought to light exciting ideas for the content of the Big game.

Teenagers workshop
SHINE held workshops with teenagers

In SHINE 2Europe, we just held two workshops with teenagers to better understand their needs, in the scope of the BIG Game – Building Inclusive Environments for All Generations (Erasmus+ project).

The kick-off online meeting 2020.DEC.03 (EN)

The project’s kick-off meeting took place online on the 3rd of December 2020 with the participation of all project partners.


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