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BIG game

In the BIG game, you will meet the Mayor of BIG City. She asks you to support her and the citizens of BIG City to become happy. During the game, you will meet Ewa and João, Waldemar and Barbara, Dennis, Peter and Anna. They are confronted with several daily life issues and will ask for your help on many occasions. Find the right answers, play the minigames, score coins and go to the Kiosk to buy additional goods. Make the people of BIG City smile again.

The purpose of the game is to become aware and sensitive to daily life issues that people can have. Your answers will be followed by a response from the characters. Nothing is entirely right or wrong. Just be aware.

Additional to the game a workshop methodology is available to guide groups to play the game and discuss the issues and answers. A compendium of measures is extra support for learning more about dealing with daily life issues of people with dementia, adolescent problems, mobility issues, having a young child and being pregnant.

You are invited to play the game by clicking on the image or link below. The first time you play it, it might take a minute to upload all the characters, occasions and mini-games:


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