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In the spotlight: SHINE 2Europe

By Willeke van Staalduinen

Q: Why did you join the BIG project?

BIG is a perfect fit for SHINE’s main aim and vision: to promote inclusive communities for all people. BIG is fully aligned with the concept of Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments – SHAFE – which is the approach behind our overall work. So, how could we miss it? 🙂

Q: What did you like most thus far in the project? Why?

The playful approach of the BIG game, that raises awareness on big and relevant issues of our daily living and surrounding environments in a simple and accessible way, through gamification. Everyone can play and understand the game and we are sure everyone will also enjoy it a lot!

Q: What is the most important thing you learned or take away from the project for you thus far? Why?

We learned a lot from all partners due to the different areas, disciplines and experience and we were also taught by the stakeholders that supported us in co-creating and testing the game. Main lesson is that we can only achieve better and more inclusive communities if we work together through disciplines and policy areas.

Q: How will you involve BIG in your work?

SHINE will make available and promote a varied offer of adult education tools and games in a concerted way, through national and international stakeholders, where BIG will be integrated as one of the anchors, as it is a key representation of the SHAFE approach. We are looking forward to see BIG being played all over Europe during 2023!