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“Playing the game I could almost feel it!” Playing the BIG Game with students at the Hague University of Applied Sciences

By Zsuzsu Tavy

“Even though I thought about it, I never really understood what it would feel like for someone to encounter so many hindrances and injustices in daily life. Playing the game I could almost feel it!” -Charlotte, nursing student The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

While playing the BIG game with students of different backgrounds from the Hague University of Applied science in The Hague, students were pulled into the game. Playing together, discussing decisions they would make, and battling each other on how to make their character as happy as possible.

As a teacher I saw the importance of the game for students. Following the characters through aspects of their daily life, students experienced a deeper understanding about what it could feel like, as the student above explained. The discussion afterwards was fueled by these experiences, were students discussed possible solutions passionately. They gained a deeper understanding and had fun together at the same time!