Dutch Inspirational Tool Living Environments for Older Adults

A pact of Dutch organisations developed the Inspirational Tool Living Environments for Older Adults. The Tool aims to open the dialogue between stakeholders to discuss the challenges and requirements of a healthy and safe living environment.

BIG Beta version tested by AFEdemy

In May 2022, AFEdemy organised the testing of the BIG Beta version. To find out if the game was understandable, educational and attractive. Also to see if the design should be improved.

Spot on BIG partner The Hague University of Applied Sciences, professor Joost van Hoof

Working together with students on the development of the characters and the exchange with international partners about inclusive environments was much liked by the THUAS team. They found it really great to see the test version of the game for the first time. It was so well made, and the characters and environment were designed and drawn so beautifully. This was very rewarding.