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BIG Beta version tested by AFEdemy

Willeke van Staalduinen, AFEdemy, Academy on Age-Friendly Environments in Europe B. V.

To organise the testing of the BIG game, AFEdemy had a threefold approach: an online workshop with people of different backgrounds, online testing for an extra credit by students of the University of Minot (North Dakota, USA) and by students from the Goethe University (Frankfurt, Germany).

Participants of the BIG -Workshop in The Netherlands 12.05.2022

Overall, the game was very well received. Especially playing the game in a small group is recommended. In our case, the group was together online. The moderator shared the screen and the group discussed about the preferred options they would choose. Jointly the outcomes and results were checked, and this led to discussions and shared insights. This was educational and fun together.

The students tested the game on their own. They had different opinions on what they learned from the game, however overall, they became more aware of the problems that people with these issues can meet. One student called it an eye-opening game and another student found the game important for educating people on different situations they face in public and in their own home.

All participants liked the drawings and colours of the game. Technically they suggested improvements, such as the contrast of colours, spelling, the working of the smileys, the explanation of the minigames. Also, it is necessary to create a proper introduction and feedback or explanation of the game. This will be provided before the alpha version of the game will be elaborated. In September the game will be presented in national multiplier events. From 15-17 it is planned to organise the international multiplier event in Coimbra (Portugal), where the final game will be launched on 08-09 November.

Some results of the BIG -Workshop in The Netherlands 12.05.2022