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BIG tests scenes for pregnant women and teenagers with Portuguese participants

By Carina Dantas, SHINE 2Europe

SHINE took the first full version of the BIG game to real life and tested it in two days of workshop with 6 people who are part of the target groups of the project.

The scenes of the character Anne, a pregnant woman, were experienced by 3 of the participants of the first round of workshops who helped to design the scenes: a city worker in the transport department who paid special attention to the scene of the bus stop; a social security worker and a health professional working in the hospital. Participants enjoyed seeing the characters come to life and got more aware of the problems faced in a pregnant woman’s daily life and also on ways to help her. There are some problems that may not yet be addressed, such as the opening of public bathroom doors that often do not allow a pregnant woman to enter or the lack of spaces on buses for strollers or shopping. There is still much to be done to ensure fully inclusive spaces!

The scenes of the game dedicated to the teenager Peter were tested by 3 teenagers, two boys and a girl, who considered the game simple, direct and very interesting because it attracts attention to activities that can be done in their daily lives. They would like it to be presented to more students who can also learn more about the role they can play in society. Everyone’s comments, including the game improvement proposals, have been collected by the SHINE team and will now be implemented in the coming weeks for a new and better version of the BIG game – almost ready!