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Workshop rounds in the Netherlands to review scenes in the BIG game

By Zsuzsu Tavy, The Hague University of Applied Sciences

At the Hague University of Applied Sciences a workshop was organized to evaluate and validate two of the scenes for the BIG Game. Here people with different backgrounds, varying from nurses, social workers, teachers and students, discussed the scenes that were created for the different characters at two locations in the game: the park and the supermarket.

In advance different people were asked individually to review the scenes. These included people who had experiences from the perspective of one of the characters or with one of the locations in particular. For example a father, a supermarket manager and an informal caregiver were included.

People found the game to be interesting and they had creative ideas about how to improve the learning objectives. Some differences in cultural aspects were noticed, for example public toilets in the Netherland seemed to be more accessible then as described in one of the scenes created from the perspectives of people in Poland. Most situations however were recognized by people.

In addition, an overall evaluation of the social and technological interventions in all the scenes was done by researchers from the Centre of Expertise Health Innovation from the Hague University of Applied Sciences.